Factory Direct Pricing:

When you order at Queen Sportswear you’re dealing directly with the factory, and that is a huge advantage for you and your team. Why? Because Queen Sportswear owns and operates its own manufacturing facility we have 100% control of the entire process.

Plus, because you are ordering factory direct … the larger your order the more you save!

Customer Service: Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm PST

At Queen Sportswear YOU’RE THE BOSS! That’s right … We work for you.

We will send you the design within 24 hours.

We work from Monday through Friday 8am – 5pm or you can contact us by mail when you have free time. We try our best to reply to your mail as fast as possible.

What are the steps to placing my order?

Please click here Queen Sportswear how to order to see our procedures on how to place an order

What is the difference between Tackle Twill and Dye Sublimated Uniform?

Tackle twill, or stitched, it involves sewing down a number or letter. The advantage of tackle twill is it offers a more authentic and bolder look to your uniform, much like embroidery.

Dye Sublimation: on the other hand is a traditional printing method in which a printer uses heat to transfer dye directly into the desired uniform. One of the biggest advantages of sublimation is it does not fade or chip. When you choose sublimation it better way and it makes you comfortable during the match.

How to receive your free graphic design?

After you submit CONTACT US or  REQUEST FOR A FREE GRAPHIC DESIGN via our website, we will send your free mockup/graphic design within 24 hours by email.

Or if you created your own design, you can view your mockup/graphic design through our website queensportswear.com so we will send you design as your design which you have given us.

Please feel free to contact us by email to check the status of your free graphic design/mockup.

What is the material of the uniform?

Please check the description of each item in our website queensportswear.com for more details

Can we create a custom design for our team?

Yes, you can choose any style of uniform which you like and submit CONTACT US or REQUEST FOR A FREE GRAPHIC DESIGN by online.

Or email us any design you like

Can I check the status of my order?

Absolutely, you can contact us by address mail to check the status of your order.

After we shipped your uniforms, we will send you the tracking number so you can check the status of your order.

Do you have a Size Chart?

We have updated our size chart.

Please review our size chart online Queensportswear Size Chart thoroughly. We also offer sizing kits and stock samples of our uniforms if you would like to see how well it fits and feel the overall quality and look of our product(s).

The samples can be ordered at Queen Sportswear Sample Kits

We will not be held accountable for wrong sizes once the customer has submitted the sizes for their order(s) and confirmed the Order Detail.

Can I request a sample of my actual order?

Yes, we can make one sample of your final design. So we can check the quality, material, size, design  and so on.

If you order your whole team, we will REFUND 100% money of sample and turnaround time is 7-10 days (not refund shipping fee).

How long will it take for my order to be processed and/or turnaround time?

Our Standard Processing time is 2-3 weeks or Rush Processing is 7-10 business days

For rush order, it costs 15% fee of total invoice or $30 if  total invoice under $200

It depends on the date we get your payment and the date Order Detail has been confirmed by customer.

Please see our Processing Time policy in our Terms and Conditions for more information

Do you charge for shipping?

We offer FREE shipping with total invoice more than $300.

If total invoice under $300, the shipping fee is $25 for one order and $20 for order sample

Can I add more uniforms later on if we have extra players?

You may order extra if you need more.

Additional uniform orders will be billed at the appropriate price for the quantity ordered. Prices may change or not.

We cannot guarantee 100% that the colors between the new and existing order will match.

Please see our Additional Add-on Uniform policy in our Terms and Conditions for further details

Can you color match our existing uniforms?

Queen Sportswear will make its best effort to match, but an exact match is often not possible.

Fabric materials and colors, each company has different materials and color tones. All materials fade (or darken) over time and some materials are simply no longer available, so an exact match is impossible – or very expensive as it would involve custom.

Please see our color chart online at Queen Sportswear. We will not be held responsible for mismatch color(s) of your uniform(s)

What are your payment methods?

To protect benefit for our customer so we accept payment by PayPal/ Credit Card or Debit card at this time.

Please refer to our Accepted Forms of Payments under our Terms and Conditions for further details