1. In Stock Sample

If you need a sample to check our quality, we will send you the sample we have in stock for $25 and $20 shipping fee for each sample. After you get it, you can return it back to us and we will refund your full money back, it is $25 (NOT REFUND shipping fee). To order the sample, please click on the Buy Now button below.

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For this sample uniform, we will only send only one of the samples we have in stock. If you want to order the sample of the uniforms that exactly your uniform design, please try to order the Custom Actual Uniform Sample.

2. 100% OFF ON Custom Actual Uniform Sample of Your own Design: (1 uniform per order only)

Turnaround time: Within 14 Days

At Queen Sportswear, we are confident that when you see the quality of our uniform with your design, you will almost surely place the order with us. And we are the only company that can make one actual uniform sample of your own design so you can see the quality of you will get before place the order for the whole team (the minimum is 10 jerseys/ uniforms).

  • You will pay for the cost of your uniform and $20 for shipping fee .
  • We will refund 100% the cost of the actual uniform sample (NOT REFUND shipping fee) when you place the order for the whole team (the minimum is 10 jerseys/ uniforms).
  • When you place the order for the actual uniform sample, we do recommend you to order the size and the number of one of your players so you don’t have to order his uniform again later.
  • You may order actual sample until you are satisfied. But we will refund only for one actual sample when this sample to place an order for your team.
3. Sizing sample kits

Not sure about the sizes? You may need to order the sizing sample kits. It’s $50 for the sizing sample kits and $20 for shipping fee. We will send you 4 different sizes of your request so you can have the players try them on to make sure we get the right size for all the players.

Of course, you will be able to get your $50 back when you return the sizing sample kits to us (NOT REFUND shipping fee).
Please click on the Buy Now button below to place the order.

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