5 Ways to Stand Out At Basketball Tryouts

It’s time for tryouts…do you know how to stand out from other basketball hopefuls?

Your school’s coaches are looking for athletes that can play the game well, has a positive attitude and is motivated to improve throughout the season.

But how can you impress the coaches in a short amount of time?

Leaving a lasting impression is easier than you think. Here are five tips you should follow during tryouts.

Get to tryouts early

  • Arriving early to tryouts is the easiest way to make an impression on the coaches. It also gives you more time to warm-up, introduce yourself, and ask any questions that you may have before tryouts begin.
  • Good questions to ask include “What should I expect each day?” and “What do you look for in a player?”
  • By asking about the process and quality of preferred athletes, you are demonstrating that you are willing to work hard and do what it takes to make the team.

Focus on your strengths

  • Trying too hard to master every drill instead of focusing on strengths is a common mistake that athletes make. We’re not saying don’t put any effort into each drill, but rather to put your real strengths on display. Let the coaches see that you’re amazing at shooting free throws or can defend the ball with ease. By showing the coaches your strengths on the court, you’ll validate why you deserve a place on the roster.

Communication is key

  • Showcasing your communication skills early on is another way to highlight your presence at tryouts. Communication is crucial so showing coaches that you can speak up or communicate well with other players will grab their attention and get them to think of you as an asset to the team.
  • Coaches love seeing athletes that can seize an opportunity on the court and take advantage of it. So, when you are at tryouts make sure your voice is heard and that you are communicating effectively with other players.


  • Whether you’re diving for the ball or racing down the court, make sure you are moving fast. Players that are quick on their feet and can commit to each play get noticed. So, make sure you sprint, dive and box out every shot.

“How can I improve?”

  • During tryouts, a coach might give you the recommendation to help you improve your performance. Take their advice and apply it immediately!
  • Coaches want to see who listens and tries to improve their performance. Having a coachable player on the team is extremely important, so show them that you can listen and follow any recommendation they give you.
  • Our five tips are qualities that coaches look for in a player and showing them you can succeed in each will make you a memorable athlete and increase your chances of making the team. So, have fun, communicate, show off your strengths and ask plenty of questions.